Infographics offer one of the most creative and attractive techniques for making information instantly accessible and engaging. The challenge is to make the essential bridge between the author’s data and the illustrator’s brief. The ability to analyse information and develop an accurate and creative brief is worth its weight in gold, and thoughtful infographics can illuminate publishing, marketing and communications projects. I’m always happy to commission artists and work closely with them to develop effective infographic concepts…

Biographic: The Beatles
(Matt Carr, Robin Shields, Viv Croot, Jamie Pumfrey, Ammonite Press 2019)

Biographic Beatles Infographic


4-Letter Words: BREW
(Robert Brandt, Robin Shields, Mitchel Adams, Jamie Pumfrey, Ammonite Press 2017)

Brew Infographic Beer


A Black & White History of the World (Concept Presentation, Ivy Press)
(Robert Brandt, Alan Osbahr)

World History Population Infographic


Tourism Statistics
(Robert Brandt)

Tourism statistics

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