The Sky Guys



The Sky Guys
(Button Books, April 2016)
Illustrated by Madeleine Rogers

Above the hilltops, in a blue and sunny sky, you’ll find the place where the Sky Guys spread their wings and fly. An albatross glides for weeks over ocean waves to find his mate so that they can rub their beaks together again. A flamingo builds a castle of mud on which to lay her egg. An owl keeps a beady eye out, in every direction. A pelican fills his beak like a bucket full of fish. A humming bird sucks nectar from a flower while her wings beat too fast to see.

“Don’t try to sneak up on the owl,
Her ears hear every sound.
Her eyes can see you in the dark,
Her head can turn right round!”

The Sky Guys introduces children to life in the air by combining simple verses – which always reveal facts about the creatures – with the bold and beautiful illustrations of Madeleine Rogers. Also included is a set of paper birds, plus scenery, to pop out, fold and glue. The book jacket converts into a skyscape background, so that the reader can create their own collection of feathered characters and bring the stories to life.

This is the sixth in a series of books conceived and created by the supremely talented Madeleine Rogers, who is the creative force behind the MIBO brand. It is part of a growing list of children’s titles produced by Button Books. The previous titles in the series are The Jungle CrewThe Polar Pack, The Safari Set, The Forest Folk and The Marine Team.

I was lucky enough to work with Madeleine and write the verses for The Forest FolkThe Marine Team and The Sky Guys.