The Forest Folk

The Forest FolkThe Forest Folk
(Button Books, October 2015)
Illustrated by Madeleine Rogers

“A pack of hunters, sleek and grey,
the forest wolves run free.
Their song is heard for miles around,
they howl in harmony.”

If you squeeze between the trees, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of five forest animals going about their daily lives. A bear catches fish before hibernating. Wolves run in a pack and then sing together. A squirrel uses his tail to balance his treetop acrobatics. Playful otters glide down mud-slides and swim in the river. Deer lose their antlers in jousts, before growing a new set.

The Forest Folk introduces children to the woodland world by combining simple verses – which always reveal facts about the animals – with the bold and beautiful illustrations of Madeleine Rogers. Also included is a set of paper animals and scenery to pop out, fold and glue. The book jacket converts into a woodland background, so that the reader can create their own collection of forest animals and bring the stories to life.

This is the third in a series of books conceived and created by the supremely talented Madeleine Rogers, who is the creative force behind the MIBO brand. It is part of a growing list of children’s titles produced by Button Books. The first three titles in the series are The Jungle Crew, The Polar Pack and The Safari Set.

I was lucky enough to work with Madeleine and write the verses for The Forest Folk, The Marine Team and The Sky Guys.


“The seasons paint the forest leaves in yellow, red and gold.
Beneath this cloak, the forest folk have stories to unfold.”