Where’s the Dragon?

Where’s the Dragon?

Where’s the Dragon?
(Sterling, 2004)
Illustrated by Richard Hook

“To see a dragon, you must hunt high and low, and always believe hard enough!”

When George asks if he’s too old to believe in dragons, Grandfather tells him that it is time he saw one for himself. After all, seeing is believing!

As they set sail on their dragon hunt, Grandfather seems to know an awful lot about dragons but to have a great deal of trouble seeing one. They look up at a full moon as big as a dragon’s eye; sleep on ground that shudders and shakes; stand in an enormous footprint; cross a long, scaly bridge; and enter a burning forest. But still Grandfather can’t see for looking.

IMG_2529Even when Grandfather steps into a cave shaped like a giant mouth, and is blown away by a giant sneeze, he thinks it’s just the wind. But George is happy to hear that they will set off together again next year, when they will hunt higher and lower and believe even harder.

Readers are invited to count the hidden dragons, and to touch the pages and feel the textures. The story was beautifully illustrated by my father Richard Hook. Nobody drew a dragon quite like my dad.

“They all slept well. They all dreamed of dragons.”

9 thoughts on “Where’s the Dragon?

  1. Paula says:

    My eldest son who is 4 loves this book.. Its my favourite that i read to him before bed. The dragons ate amazing & the story is just lovely. Is there any more books like this.? Fergus said it would be nice if the grandfather got new glasses & saw the dragon for himself .. What a lovely surprize he would get.. He said ❤️

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    • Jason Hook says:

      Thank you, Paula, lovely to hear that Fergus enjoys the book. I rather like the idea of giving grandfather some new glasses before his next dragon hunt. I do have plans for more dragon books in the future, watch this space!


    • Jason Hook says:

      Hi Krystina, Thank you for getting in touch, sorry for the slow reply. And sorry also if you’ve had a frustrating dragon hunt! I believe there are 76, and that you can find them by feeling the pages with your finger and believing hard enough, but it’s hard to tell which one you’re missing from here. It might depend how many are hiding on the distant house on the first pages? If you would like to tell me where the 75 are that you’ve found, I’d be happy to see if I can find the missing one! I hope it hasn’t stopped you enjoying the book. With best wishes, Jason


  2. Cindy-Lu Lundschen says:

    I am a Kindergarten teacher and I’m always on the lookout for great books. I saw this book and immediately fell in love with it, even before I opened it. i love the texture and I know so will my kids. Love the story and had to find all the dragons. It said the answer was in Grandpas house, but I didn’t see it. Do you also count the carved ones? Please write some more books like this. I love the above suggestion of the Grandpa getting new glasses and discovering the awe from his childhood.


  3. Jason Hook says:

    Hi Cindy-Lu, thank you so much for the lovely comments, they are very much appreciated. I was about to point you to the number, but I’m very glad to hear you’ve found it. I hope the kids enjoy the story and wish them all well with the dragon hunt! With best wishes, Jason


    • Jason Hook says:

      Hello Megan, If you look at the page where they are loading up the ship, you should be able to see the number outside Grandpa’s house. Let me know if you can’t find it. Happy dragon hunting! With best wishes, Jason


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